Strategy with a vision

The University of Helsinki’s vision ‘Reaching the top and out to society’ is realised through people’s activity. We hope this blog will become a record of stories about visions of the future, hopes and passion for research, high quality instruction and societal influencie. These stories will help us to build a strategy with a vision.

A strategy with a vision is borne out of combining various perspectives. We are looking forward, utilising earlier lessons, analysing larger wholes and, first and foremost, looking far enough into the future to be able to better envisage the measures required in the near future to reach the top and out to society. University employees and students will present visions of the future and experiences of the current situation through five themes. These are:

  • research
  • instruction
  • social interaction
  • support functions, leadership and finances
  • personnel

You are invited to comment on and discuss these views online in the spring 2011.