Contribution from our project to the new book “Through a Vegan Studies Lens: Textual Ethics and Lived Activism”, edited by Laura Wright

The book Through a Vegan Studies Lens: Textual Ethics and Lived Activism (2019, University of Nevada Press), edited by Laura Wright, develops the new and emerging field of vegan studies. The essays in this edited volume critically analyse representations of veganism in contemporary cultures and societies. The volume is published in the series Cultural Ecologies of Food in the 21st Century by the University of Nevada Press. The volume consists of 14 chapters written from various perspectives such as cultural studies and critical theory.

Dr. Kadri Aavik from our project contributed with a chapter “The Rise of Veganism in Post-Socialist Europe: Making Sense of Emergent Vegan Practices and Identities in Estonia”. The chapter critically examines the emergence of veganism as a new social and cultural phenomenon and a social movement in post-socialist Europe, focusing on Estonia, where veganism as a practice and identity was not available until recently, due to historical reasons. The chapter considers ways in which veganism disrupts some social and cultural norms in Estonia. It suggests that an intersectional perspective is useful to understand representations of veganism and practices of vegans in more nuanced ways.


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