HelsinkiUNI International Talent (UNITalent) programme registration is open 30.10.-15.11.2023

Are you an international master’s degree student or an international doctoral researcher from the University of Helsinki? Do you want to build a career in Finland? Do you want to gain professional networks during your studies and get more insight into Finnish working life?

If so, apply now for the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (UNITalent). 

During this programme, Finnish companies host groups of international talents from the University of Helsinki, with a primary focus on sharing knowledge and experiences related to their respective fields, as well as offering guidance on networking and career opportunities.

Application period: 30.10. – 15.11.2023, application starts on 30.10. at 9:00 a.m
Programme duration: 1st February to 25th of April 2024. The programme begins with a joint kick-off session on 1st of February 2024. The groups meet 2-3 times with the host organization during the programme and it ends with a common closing event on April 25.
Who can apply:  For more information visit Target groups & eligibility

Host organisations for 2023-2024 are now chosen. We have 12 interesting host organisations from different fields this year.

Application process  

  • Please read the host organisations’ profiles carefully. 
  • Choose your first and second choice hosts. Please check that your degree programme is mentioned on the host’s profile. The organisations have chosen Master’s and doctoral programmes according to the classification found on “What can you study with us?” page.
  • Make sure you can commit to the schedule of the host organisation.
  • Fill in the application form on the website, which includes a few short questions about your motivations and interests.  Fill this in with thought, explain clearly why do you want to be part of this host’s group? There will be space to write max 150 words per choice. 
  • The organisation selects the participants based on the information in the application forms, in relation to their own motivations. (Read more the host company profiles).
  • Please note that UNITalent is not a traineeship programme, it’s for sharing information and networking. 
  • Application deadline 15th November 
  • Career services will contact you about the outcome latest 18.12.2023.

UNITalent is coordinated by Career Services at the University of Helsinki.  

Contact us at  

HelsinkiUNI International Talent (UNITalent) programme registration will open soon!

UNITalent serves as a platform for the University of Helsinki’s international master´s students and doctoral researchers to connect and engage with Finnish companies and organisations.

During this programme, Finnish companies host groups of international talents from the University of Helsinki, with a primary focus on sharing knowledge and experiences related to their respective fields, as well as offering guidance on networking and career opportunities.

Application period for students and doctoral researchers is 30.10. – 15.11.2023.

Who can apply:  all international degree students and international doctoral researchers of the University of Helsinki! For more information visit: Target groups & eligibility.

Host Organisations will be announced when the application starts. You will be able to find the list here: Host organisations 2023-2024.

More information coming soon.

Info session 19.10 material

Here are the slides UNITalent Info 19.10.23 and the recording (check your downloads folder) of the event.

We are working on the website and will have the organizations listed here latest the 30.10, when application opens. Meanwhile, you can see the which the host organizations are in the slides!

Please get in touch if there is anything you need clarification on!


Coming up!

Are you interested in joining UNITalent?

The application time is 30.10 – 15.11.2023 for the programme that starts in February and finishes at the end of April.

It’s recommended that you attend the online info- session 19th October, 4-5 pm.

Sign up by 19.10, 12 o’clock. You’ll get the zoom link to your email.

Welcome to hear more about UNITalent and to ask questions!

HITP becomes UNITalent – also international doctoral researchers can apply!

The name has changed but the aim of the program continues to be building professional networks between international students and companies as well as to give more field specific information about working life in Finland. You will have a special opportunity to get connected with professionals of your own field.

The program has been running since 2020 and is part of supporting international students work life skills and networks. But do not just take our word for it – read testimonials from students and organizations.  

How does it work?

  • Application period will be in the fall 30.10- 15.11.2023
  • The program duration will be 3 months, from February to April 2024
  • Each student / researcher will be a part of a group (min. 10) hosted by an organization / company
  • Meetings might be online / onsite depending on the host, since the call is for organizations all over Finland
  • University of Helsinki Career Services will support you though this process!

What we offer?

  • A unique opportunity to connect with an organization from your field of interest
  • Getting a deeper understanding of work life in Finland from the employer’s point of view
  • Those very needed professional networks within your UNITalent group and your host organization
  • Open dialogue and contact with the employer side

Who can join?

  • All international master’s degree students at the University of Helsinki
  • All international doctoral researchers at the University of Helsinki

What is new in UNITalent?

  • The name: HITP became UNITalent
  • We wanted to include also international researchers
  • The duration is shorter (3 months)
  • We are looking also nationwide for more host organizations to support our internationals


Since we in UNITalent are here for you, please contact us for any questions: careerservices(at)