Dec 18–19th, 2012 Interaction and psychophysiology in regulation of emotions workshop
Culture Centre Sofia, Helsinki
The team Emotion in Interaction organized a two day workshop on how interaction, psychophysiology and emotion interweave. In the workshop a work of an on-going project “Interaction and Psychophysiology” was presented to the participants. The project focuses on the link between psychophysiology and interaction in regulating emotions in different interactional contexts, e.g. psychotherapy and mundane interaction.Three visiting fellows contributed in the seminar: Professor of Sociology John Heritage (University of California) gave a talk about working with CA data, e.g. coding and rating. Professor of psychiatry Kai Vogeley (University of Cologne) gave a presentation about neural mechanism in autism. Post-doc-researcher Ethan Weed (Aarhus University) presented a research of prosody in different mental diagnosis.
Nov 12th, 2012 Multimodality workshop
The research team Verbal and non-verbal resources for action construction arranged a workshop on multimodality on November 12th. The visiting speakers were Richard Ogden from University of York, Niklas Norén from University of Uppsala, and Pentti Haddington, Elise Kärkkäinen and Maarit Siromaa from University of Oulu. There were also speakers from the CoE: Martina Huhtamäki, Timo Kaukomaa and Chiara Monzoni.
The topics of the presentations were the following: Temporal Co-ordination in Conversation and Music-making, The Role of Prosody in Open-class Repair Initiators, Interaction Between a Child with Cerebral Palsy and an Adult Using a Computer-based Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA), and Smiles and Frowns Constructing a Stance Shift in Conversation. In addition, there were presentations on multimodality in evaluative sequences and multiactivity in social interaction.
After the presentations the themes of the workshop were discussed and all participants had a chance to present their thoughts. In the discussion for instance the concept of activity was reflected upon.
Oct 29th, 2012 Research project “Media, family interaction and children’s well-being” visits the CoE
On Monday 29th October the CoE had guests from University of Tampere. Researchers of research project Media, family interaction and children’s well-being presented their data and research that focuses on use of media at home, and its’ influence on family interaction and children’s well-being. The possible co-operation possibilities between the guests and the CoE were discussed. The research project Media, family interaction and children’s well-being is financed for the years 2011–2014 by the Academy of Finland.
Oct 26th, 2012 The CoE in Helsinki Book Fair
The CoE participated in Helsinki Book Fair with a presentation by CoE researchers Camilla Lindholm and Marjo Savijärvi. In the presentation Lindholm and Savijärvi discussed how mutual understanding is constructed when participants have significantly different lingual competences. The discussion based on a book Haavoittuva keskustelu (2012) edited by Lindholm and Leealaura Leskelä. The discussion involved for example following questions: What kind of interactional resources are utilized when the lingual competences differ? Can the different lingual competences in a group be also seen as a resource, not only as a challenge? One main theme was also how conversation analytical research can contribute to practical work in caretaking institutions and therapy.
September 17th, 2012 The CoE in Think Corner
In September the CoE organised a theme day Language, Body and Emotion in Interaction as a part of a language theme week in Think Corner, Helsinki. At first in the program was an interaction couch Tomi Välimaa’s lecture about interaction. The audience had a chance to participate in and try Välimaa’s interactional practices.
Later there were presentations among other things about little words in conversation and foreign language learning in day care. During the day visitors had also a chance to participate in small datasessions, measure one’s own psychophysiological reactions and consult a researcher about challenges in multilingual interaction.
Sep 7th, 2012 Kick-off seminar of the autumn
In the kick-off seminar of the autumn the concept of intersubjectivity was reflected upon. The groundwork had been done in small groups beforehand, and in the seminar each group had a presentation on their thoughts and ideas. After that the dimensions of intersubjectivity were discussed together. Finally, the events for the autumn were planned.
June 7–9th, 2012 Kick-off seminar in Helsinki
On June 7–9th the CoE arranged an international kick-off seminar in Helsinki. Several scholars from Finland and abroad attended the event. During the three days many presentations were listened, commented, discussed and reflected upon. The CoE thanks all the participants for a fruitful seminar!
January 27th, 2012 Internal kick-off seminar in Helsinki
On January 27th the CoE had an internal kick-off seminar. During the day researchers from different organizations became acquainted, practical issues were discussed and presentations were held. To conclude the seminar, the new CoE status was celebrated with a toast.