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Keho ry is a student organisation for those interested in or studying Global Development Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki. We work to connect not only students but also our lecturers and other staff. Furthermore, we aim to promote students’ interests in all relevant decision-making at the University.

We at Keho ry organise a variety of activities every year including but not limited to movie nights, book clubs, study sessions, parties, sports, sitsit (or academic dinner parties characteristic to Finnish students) as well as excursions to relevant companies and organisations.

Apart from the good time our events provide, Keho ry’s various meetings are also a great way to network with other students in GDS and to branch out even further to meet other students in the wider Society and Change program the University of Helsinki.

All students (including all major, minor, and exchange students) either interested in or studying Global Development Studies are welcome to any Keho ry’s activities.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.


To read more about our events, please consult our Facebook page and Instagram.


Keho ry is happy to cooperate with companies and organisations who share our values. For example we have previously made sponsorship agreements and promoted events of other organisations to our members. We gratefully receive excursion invitations or guest speakers to our events in order to create connections between students and prospective employers.

Furthermore, our magazine, Kehotus is offering space for running advertisements. For additional information, please consult kehotuslehti@gmail.com.

To contact Keho ry’s board please approach us by email at kehonhallitus@gmail.com.

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