Personnel 2016


Nina Jehring, lecturer in Swedish, was retired at the end of the year 2016.



In November 2016 Lis Auvinen, Language Centre University Lecturer in Swedish, received the Bilingual Deed of the Year 2016 Award for her work in the bilingual Bachelor of Law Programme at the Faculty of Law and at the Language Centre. The award was granted by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

Kirsi Wallinheimo, University Lecture in Swedish, defended her Doctoral Thesis on educational sciences in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences in April 2016.


Person years* 2015 2016
Teaching staff 82 73
Administrative staff 29 21
TOTAL 111 94

* Work contribution of all staff members in 2016.

The figures do not include freelance translators, language revisers and teachers working for the Language Services. Full-time language translators and revisers are included amongst the administration figures.