The year in pictures


January: The University of Helsinki welcomed international students at the Welcome Fair, which is organised each term.

February: Netta Kärki and Tuuli Koskela worked at the Language Centre in the spring as substitutes for the duration of a job alternation leave. They worked at the student affairs office and the support unit for teaching and learning (OOTU).

March: The Language Centre’s staff mobility arrangements expanded geographically when Heidi Mäkäläinen, university instructor of Russian, travelled to Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic, to learn more about Udmurt State University.

April: Language Centre staff shared their teaching ideas at an internal seminar.

May: The Language Centre’s administrative staff met in a tropical atmosphere in the heart of Helsinki.

August: The Language Centre’s staff recreation day took place in nature at the Korkee adventure park.

September: The Self-Access Centre was closed at the Aleksandria Learning Centre. An exhibition on the history of self-access learning at the University was open for a week to Language Centre staff.

September: A total of 13 members of Language Centre staff participated in the CercleS conference in Calabria, Italy.

October: Language clubs kicked off the autumn term in sunny Kaisaniemi Park.

November: The Language Centre organised a seminar on assessment, at which a panel of language teachers and students discussed appropriate ways to make learning visible.

November: This year, the traditional Miniconference was organised at the University of Helsinki Language Centre.

November: The Language Centre’s German unit organised an evening devoted to German cuisine, with the course assistants acting as hosts.

Kuvat: Nina Dannert, Aline Lebert, Sinikka Karjalainen, Heidi Mäkäläinen, Janne Niinivaara