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kaisa ketokivi2013_001

Research Fellow, Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Helsinki

Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University

Interest areas

  • social bonds and everyday life
  • belonging and local community
  • family, friendship, intimacy
  • social theory, relational sociology
  • life vulnerability, illness and social well-being
  • social and sociological categorizations
  • qualitative and relational analysis


My current research investigates the formation of bonds, boundaries and belonging in active, neighborhoods of Helsinki, Madrid and NYC, Brooklyn (2013-2017). How does a sense of community and local belonging evolve in the context of urban multitude of possibilities? How do people build “good life”, form connections to each other and the neighborhood? What do they desire to feel at home? How do different people come together and negotiate what is “good” in their neighborhood?

In addition to my work at the University of Helsinki I am affiliated with New York University as a Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge (since 2011) where I spend some time every year.

See the list of my existing publications here.

Other Activities

I teach and supervise Master’s and doctoral theses. I organize a discussion group between researchers and artists on the question of belonging. Apart from my academic writing, I write popular articles and columns for wider audiences and train social and health professionals and practitioner. Part of my leisure time I use working as a personal mentor and yoga teacher.

My doctoral dissertation The Relational Self, the Social Bond and the Dynamics of Personal Relationships. A Sociological Analysis (2010, Fulltext pdf) was published by the Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki.