Good(s) for Health

The work of theresearch consortium contributes to the Academy of Finland’s Personalized Health program by analyzing collection, circulation and overall management of digitalized bioinformation in processes in which biomedical knowledge, medical genomics in particular, is translated and implemented to clinical work and health care. In addition, our studies focus on business opportunities and process of commercialization related with medical genomics.The research examines the following questions:

  • How is bio- and health information shaped, combined and modified in an applicable and useful form in different information contexts in which users, demands, rules, risks and opportunities of information usage are different from each other?
  • What do stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, business managers, patients etc.) require and expect from bio- and health information goods so that they could make use of them?
  • What opportunities and obstacles do the stakeholders see in the use of novel biomedical information and knowledge?

The research project is divided into four substudies:

1. The use of genome sequencing in assessment of genetic risk of cardiovascular diseases in clinical treatment and prevention.
2. Utilization of biobanks in development personalized cancer treatments.
3. Information management and utilization of personal data in a clinical biobank.
4. Business opportunities of personal health information.

The consortium partners are:

Prof. Ilpo Helén, Consortium director (Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland)
Prof Hanna Lehtimäki (Business School, University of Eastern Finland) and
Dr Karoliina Snell (Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki)


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