Research projects and interests

Research interests

  • science and technology studies
  • societal challenges of biotechnology and biomedicine
  • social responsibility in developing new technology
  • biobanks, citizens and privacy
  • genomic knowledge, health information and control of information
  • health data and datafication
  • data literacy and responsible decision making
  • sociology of health, illness and medicine
  • health, science and innovation policies

Current research projects

Ihmiskeskeinen datatalous – totta vai tarua? / Human-centred data economy – true or fiction?

Dataliteracy for responsible decision making – DATALIT

Previous research projects

Moral (de)contextualisation of health data use

GET IT DONE and GeneRISK, are large research projects funded through SalWe SHOK-programme. My research focuses on usability of genomic information in health care.

Good(s) for Health. Personalized health services and flexible appropriation of bioinformation (GoHe). Research consortium funded by Academy of Finland.

  • Patients, Business and the State
  • Green Transitions
  • Yksityisyyden muuttuva maasto jälkigenomiikan aikaukaudella” eli PRIVATEGen
  • Molekyylilääketiede ja kansanterveys
  • Potilasosallistumisen uudelleenarviointi biolääketieteellisessä tutkimuksessa PUBIT
  • Oikeudet ja vastuu bioteknologiassa OIVA
  • Changing Contexts for Mediating Public Concern in the  Assessment of Biotechnoscience COMPASS
  • Science, Technology and Governance in Europe STAGE
  • Tutkimusyliopisot ja globalisaatio