Research projects and interests

Research interests

  • science and technology studies
  • societal challenges of biotechnology and biomedicine
  • social responsibility in developing new technology
  • biobanks, citizens and privacy
  • genomic knowledge, health information and control of information
  • health data and datafication
  • sociology of health, illness and medicine
  • health, science and innovation policies

Current research projects

Moral (de)contextualisation of health data use

GET IT DONE and GeneRISK, are large research projects funded through SalWe SHOK-programme. My research focuses on usability of genomic information in health care.

Good(s) for Health. Personalized health services and flexible appropriation of bioinformation (GoHe). Research consortium funded by Academy of Finland.

Previous research projects

  • Patients, Business and the State
  • Green Transitions
  • Yksityisyyden muuttuva maasto jälkigenomiikan aikaukaudella” eli PRIVATEGen
  • Molekyylilääketiede ja kansanterveys
  • Potilasosallistumisen uudelleenarviointi biolääketieteellisessä tutkimuksessa PUBIT
  • Oikeudet ja vastuu bioteknologiassa OIVA
  • Changing Contexts for Mediating Public Concern in the  Assessment of Biotechnoscience COMPASS
  • Science, Technology and Governance in Europe STAGE
  • Tutkimusyliopisot ja globalisaatio