Staff 2019

Staff 2019


Two Language Centre staff members retired in 2019.

As for permanent members of teaching staff, Maiju Ranta took up the position of university instructor of speech communication.

As for permanent members of other (non-teaching) staff, the following people took up new positions:

Sinikka Karjalainen, new deputy director of the Language Centre

Leena Evesti, new head of services and supervisor at Language Services

Katariina Hollanti, new supervisor of the Finnish as a Native and Second Language Unit


Satu von Boehm, university lecturer of English, defended her doctoral thesis in the Language Centre’s festival hall on 29 May 2019.

Graph showing the growth of person years from 90,0 in 2017 to 94,5 in 2018 and 96,7 in 2019.