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The Language Centre is a unit specialising in language teaching and research. Its mission is to provide the language and communication studies included in the degrees of all University of Helsinki faculties, to support the internationalisation of students and staff, and to offer diverse language and communication services.


This was the first year of the Strategic Plan of the University of Helsinki 2021–2030 and the Language Centre’s implementation plan 2021–2024.

The objectives of the Language Centre’s implementation plan are to diversify and digitise communication and language learning and to offer extensive and diverse communication and language studies that support students’ discipline-specific studies and future employment. Flexibility and continuous learning are widely reflected in the development of teaching. We cannot achieve our objectives without wide-ranging and extensive collaboration.

Accordingly, the theme of this annual report for the second year of the coronavirus pandemic is collaboration. Throughout the calendar year, communication and language teachers provided and developed remote and online teaching. You can explore selected highlights in teaching and other Language Centre activities in the section The year in a nutshell.

The activities discussed in the other sections all involve collaboration in some way or another. Collaboration takes place within the Language Centre, within the University and with other higher education institutions, other social actors and job-market representatives.