Pride and Prejudices: Women’s Writing of the Long Eighteenth Century

This year Chawton House Library celebrates its tenth anniversary as a research centre for women’s writing. The research institute organized a conference titled Pride and Prejudices: Women’s Writing of the Long Eighteenth Century in July 2013, in collaboration with the University of Southampton and the University of Kent. I’ll try to write a conference report after a couple of application deadlines have passed (unless blogging about conferences turns out to be a good way to procrastinate); here I’ve posted the paper I gave in Betty Schellenberg’s and Nicole Pohl’s panel Women and Networks, titled ‘Social network analysis of Elizabeth Montagu and the Bluestocking circle: methodological issues and linguistic applications’. Alessa Johns, Michelle Levy, and Elizabeth Denlinger were the other panelists. They gave wonderful presentations, and I was very happy to be part of the panel. I was one of the few linguists presenting at the conference, and I came home inspired and informed and hoping for more, more. You’ll find the conference program here. (Taxidermy as a respectable way for women to make a little money! I love it.)

My paper in the Women and Networks panel

Should anyone want to cite it, simply use the information above the title.

Chawton House window seat

This is where I revised my talk (I also revised it at the breakfast table and in the hotel room).



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