Westlaw International was migrated to a new platform and was renamed

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Thomson Reuters has changed the platform of Westlaw International. Westlaw International was renamed as International Materials and it can be accessed in Westlaw UK platform. The classic Westlaw International interface will be remowed 18.12.2015.

You can access Westlaw UK in the Helsinki University Network from here: go to Westlaw UK database, choose Services –> International Materials. All WestlawNext resources can be seen if you select WestlawNext-text beside the search box.

Choose Academic Library link for a selection of academic resources.

Additional information: Leena Huovinen and Arja Niskala

Your feedback is important: e-library@helsinki.fi

Screen capture: WestlawNext - International Materials can be accessed from WestlawUK
WestlawNext – International Materials, access from WestlawUK

Screen capture of Academic Library link