Trial: The Colonial State Papers – British trade, history and overseas expansion


The Colonial State Papers database is a collection of thousands of scanned documents and bibliographic records relating to English activities in the American, Canadian, and West Indian colonies between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

These documents give insight into British trade, history and overseas expansion: the earliest English settlements in North America, encounters with Native Americans, piracy in the Atlantic and Caribbean, the trade in slaves and English conflicts with the Spanish and French are all covered in this database.

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Trial period in Helsinki university network: 2.7.-1.8.2018



Legal e-books collection from KauppakamariTieto

Legal e-books (Juridiikka collection) from KauppakamariTieto can be used in Helsinki university network until 31.7.2018. E-books are catalogued in Helka database.

  • Esineoikeus eurooppalaistuvassa Suomessa (2012)
  • Esinevakuudet (2016)
  • Guide to the Finnish Arbitration Rules (2015)
  • Huoltoriitojen sovittelu tuomioistuimessa (2015)
  • Incoterms 2010 (2012)
  • Incoterms 2010 (2. painos 2016)
  • Internationella köplagen (2013)
  • IPR käytännönläheisesti (2016)
  • Julkiset hankinnat yrityksille käytännönläheisesti (2017)
  • Julkisten hankintojen sääntely (2017)
  • Kansainvälinen kauppalaki (2013)
  • Kovenantit – Rahoitussopimuksen kovenanttiohjaus (2014)
  • Laki ja miten sitä luetaan (2014)
  • Lapsen huolto- ja tapaamissopimukset (2014)
  • Opas Keskuskauppakamarin Välimiesmenettely-sääntöihin (2015)
  • Rahoitusmuodot ja vakuudet (2013)
  • Sukupolvenvaihdos ja yritystoiminnan lopettaminen (2014)
  • Uusi arvopaperimarkkinalaki (2013)
  • Vahingonkorvaus asunto-osakeyhtiössä (2017)
  • Viestintä- ja informaatio-oikeuden perusteet (2013)
  • Yksityisyyden suoja Suomessa (2014)
  • Yritystoiminnan verotus (2014)

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Ammattikirjasto – Juridiikka-kokoelma

Social science research method videos and other resources on trial

SAGE publishes resources for anyone doing research or learning how to do research, providing information on writing a research question, conducting a literature review, choosing a research method, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up the findings.

Products on trial:

Trial continues until 30.6.2017 in the Helsinki University network.

SAGE Video presents educational video across key social science disciplines. Each collection includes a breadth of video types to support diverse research and learning needs.

Videoiden hakulaatikko > Bringing teaching, learning and research to life - Search in SAGE video

SAGE Research Methods is a research methods tool which has been in use in the Helsinki University network for a long while. It contains e-books, encyclopedias and journal articles.

Tietokannan hakulaatikko - What every researcher needs - search field

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More e-books for humanistic and social sciences – Oxford Handbooks and Routledge Handbooks collections expand

Helsinki University Library has acquired multidisciplinary e-book collections to support  the digital learning environment. E-books are available in Helsinki university network and they will be catalogued in Helka by the end of the year.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Annual Collections were acquired for these subject areas:
Classical Studies, Economics & Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Religion. The years which are covered depends on the collection, usually years 2012-2016 are included. Annual Collections contain all new content available within a calendar year, including newly released Handbooks in addition to articles written for future Handbooks or for online-only publication.

The Foundation Collection was acquired of these subject areas: Classical Studies, Law, Linguistics, Music, Political Science and Religion. Foundation Collection includes everything available in print up until the first half of 2012.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Routledge Handbooks Online

94 new titles has been acquired from these collections:
Archaeology & Classics, Asian Studies, Communication, Journalism, Media & Culture, Business & Economics, Education, Foreign Languages, Philosophy,
Politics, History, Law, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion and Sociology.

Routledge Handbooks

Thousands of new e-books from De Gruyter available for four months

De Gruyter -logo

The Helsinki University Library has already purchased lots of e-books published by De Gruyter. Now the whole e-book collection (about 38 000 books) is at your disposal in the Helsinki University network for a four month period. This offer also includes partner press content: Harvard University Press, Princeton University Press, Columbia University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Toronto Press.

De Gruyter publishes material in the following branches of science: arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural science, medicine and law. You can browse the e-book collection on the basis of the subject areas. The collection is updated monthly.

The books are available from the beginning of October 2016 until the end of January 2017, after which the most heavily used books will be selected to the library’s collection.

De Gruyter Online 

De Gruyter e-book guide

Availability: 3.10.2016-31.1.2017


Book cover: How literary worlds are shapedBook cover: VölkerrechtBook cover: 3D ultrasound in prenatal diagnosisBook cover: Communication and learningBook cover: Biomaterials

Brexit or Bremain? – Oxford University Press offers free access to resources regarding some major debates

The editors of Oxford Public International Law have begun a series of debate maps indexing discussions by scholars on the public international law aspects of some major debates. The material is freely available and contains treaties and relevant articles.

On the webpage:

  • Legal resources on the Brexit
  • Israel-Gaza Wars 2008-2014
  • Use of Force in Ukraine
  • Legal Resources on the South and East China Seas
  • Legal Resources on the International Criminal Court
  • Legal Resources on the Use of Force against Syria
  • Other page: Free access to OUP resources on refugee law
Brexit cartoon by Gwydion M Williams CC-BY 2 0 via Flickr
“Brexit cartoon” by Gwydion M. Williams CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr

Westlaw International was migrated to a new platform and was renamed

Thomson Reuters has changed the platform of Westlaw International. Westlaw International was renamed as International Materials and it can be accessed in Westlaw UK platform. The classic Westlaw International interface will be remowed 18.12.2015.

You can access Westlaw UK in the Helsinki University Network from here: go to Westlaw UK database, choose Services –> International Materials. All WestlawNext resources can be seen if you select WestlawNext-text beside the search box.

Choose Academic Library link for a selection of academic resources.

Additional information: Leena Huovinen and Arja Niskala

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Screen capture: WestlawNext - International Materials can be accessed from WestlawUK
WestlawNext – International Materials, access from WestlawUK

Screen capture of Academic Library link