More e-books for humanistic and social sciences – Oxford Handbooks and Routledge Handbooks collections expand

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Helsinki University Library has acquired multidisciplinary e-book collections to support  the digital learning environment. E-books are available in Helsinki university network and they will be catalogued in Helka by the end of the year.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Annual Collections were acquired for these subject areas:
Classical Studies, Economics & Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Religion. The years which are covered depends on the collection, usually years 2012-2016 are included. Annual Collections contain all new content available within a calendar year, including newly released Handbooks in addition to articles written for future Handbooks or for online-only publication.

The Foundation Collection was acquired of these subject areas: Classical Studies, Law, Linguistics, Music, Political Science and Religion. Foundation Collection includes everything available in print up until the first half of 2012.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Routledge Handbooks Online

94 new titles has been acquired from these collections:
Archaeology & Classics, Asian Studies, Communication, Journalism, Media & Culture, Business & Economics, Education, Foreign Languages, Philosophy,
Politics, History, Law, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion and Sociology.

Routledge Handbooks