Self-service pick-up for reservations at the Main Library and in Viikki

This post is also available in: Finnish Swedish

Starting January 2016 the Main Library in the Kaisa House and The Viikki Campus Library will launch self-service for picking up reserved books. 

Reserved books can be picked up from the customer service areas in the libraries after the customer has received a notice of arrival. Reserved items are in the open shelves alphabetized by the customer’s name. The customer can check out the reserved books on the self-service check-out stations like any other books.

Textbooks are subject to a reservation fee (1 euro / book). Please note that the fee will be added to customer’s data as soon as the book is ready for pick up. Other than textbooks can still be reserved free of charge. The fee for all requests that have not been picked up is €2/book if the request has not been cancelled before the notice of arrival.

The reserved books are to be found on open shelves at the self-service area

If you do not wish your name visible on open shelves, please contact the library. You can agree to pick up your reservations at the service desk as before.