Giving Feedback is a Win-Win! Library’s Customer Survey Now!

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Customers of the Helsinki University Library have one week left to respond to the customer survey. The survey is intended to determine what the Library’s customers think about the current library services and what they would like to see improved.

Link to the English Survey:

Hulib asiakaskysely

According to Service Director Kirsi Luukkanen, the survey is very useful for the Library, which will then be able to focus its resources on the services which its customers believe should be improved. In past years, the attainability and findability of electronic resources has been a particular focus. The number of electronic books has doubled, and their use has nearly tripled over the past few years.

This year, the Library hopes to gain more feedback on the services of the Library which support research work. “We are asking our customers what they think about our services relating to research data, open publishing and the evaluation of research,” says Luukkanen, hoping that as many researchers as possible take the survey.