Biblioclub – 60,000 Russian ebooks for a year

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Researchers, teachers and students of the University of Helsinki have access to 60,000 ebook titles of Russian ebook platform Biblioclub – University Library Online during one-year period. The ebook collection consists of scholarly ebooks and e-textbooks from leading Russian publishers in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The vast collection covers not only present-day research but also digitized material. Take a look what eastern neighbor has to offer in research in political science, linguistics, literary science, history, mathematics and cultural studies!

In addition, the collection contains encyclopedias, audiobooks and educational multimedia.

Use advanced search to find ebook titles or browse the collection in Sections on the left on the main page. You can read e-books online or download them in PDF format. The download limit for some of the books is 10 % / day.

Access to the collection is available until the end of November 2017 after which the 200 most used books will be selected to the Helsinki University library e-book collection. The online subscription to Biblioclub has been financed with support from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki.

Biblioclub – University Library Online

Availability: 1.12.2016–30.11.2017
Further information: Emilia Pyykönen,