Trial: eBook Religion Collection until 30.4

EBook Religion Collection features more than 6,900 e-books from trusted publishers covering a broad range of religious subjects including philosophy, ethics, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, religious texts and more. This dynamic compilation of texts explores religious beliefs, faith, cultural systems and world views and provides a key resource to meet the needs of students and scholars in their research.

Titles are available from a variety of academic, university and religious publishers, Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Brill Academic Press, De Gruyter, InterVarsity Press, Harvard University Press, Society of Biblical Literature, State University of New York Press, Peter Lang and The Jewish Publication Society.




Biblioclub – 60,000 Russian ebooks for a year

Researchers, teachers and students of the University of Helsinki have access to 60,000 ebook titles of Russian ebook platform Biblioclub – University Library Online during one-year period. The ebook collection consists of scholarly ebooks and e-textbooks from leading Russian publishers in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The vast collection covers not only present-day research but also digitized material. Take a look what eastern neighbor has to offer in research in political science, linguistics, literary science, history, mathematics and cultural studies!

In addition, the collection contains encyclopedias, audiobooks and educational multimedia.

Use advanced search to find ebook titles or browse the collection in Sections on the left on the main page. You can read e-books online or download them in PDF format. The download limit for some of the books is 10 % / day.

Access to the collection is available until the end of November 2017 after which the 200 most used books will be selected to the Helsinki University library e-book collection. The online subscription to Biblioclub has been financed with support from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki.

Biblioclub – University Library Online

Availability: 1.12.2016–30.11.2017
Further information: Emilia Pyykönen,


Trial: Norden iLibrary until 30.5.

On trial Norden iLibrary. Being primarily research-based analyses the publications form the basis for political decisions in the Nordic co-operation.

Every year around 100 new Nordic titles are published, approximately 65% of which are in English. They cover all the subjects that are part of the Nordic co-operation, with particular focus on:

•climate and environmental studies
•green growth and bioeconomy
•sustainable development
•health and social welfare
•education and research
•labour and employment
•the Arctic


Changes in Korean studies electronic resources in 2016

Monkey in a Peach Tree, Korea 18th c. Image source: LACMA

eKorean Studies database will no longer be available through AsiaPortal after the end of February. Instead we will have access to DBpia journal database and KRpia Korean studies database.

Access to DBpia ja KRpia databases is already working through AsiaPortal.

DBpia is a multidisciplinary full-text database of journal articles published by major Korean research institutions. There are over 1900 journal titles and more than 1,9 million articles included.

KRpia is a full-text database including reference works and primary sources such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and archival material on Korean history, literature, civilization etc.

Access to DBpia and KRpia for Helsinki University is possible through cooperation with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and with support from the Korea Foundation.

Image: Monkey in a Peach Tree, Korea 18th c. Source: LACMA



No History – Nor Criticism? New guides on History, Literary & Gender Studies

Library Guides are especially designed to fulfill researchers’ information needs. You will find the most relevant sources of information, core databases, journals, articles and news feeds from our guides.

Literary Studies
(Literary Criticism and Finnish Literature Research)
Gender Studies


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ResearchGuides – Library’s information sources from various research fields, expert librarians and help guides

The ResearchGuides lists a selection of major information resources in various research fields provided by the Library. ResearchGuides collects library’s information sources and services  from the viewpoint of each research field. It is made  especially for researchers and advanced students.