Changes in Korean studies electronic resources in 2016

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Monkey in a Peach Tree, Korea 18th c. Image source: LACMA

eKorean Studies database will no longer be available through AsiaPortal after the end of February. Instead we will have access to DBpia journal database and KRpia Korean studies database.

Access to DBpia ja KRpia databases is already working through AsiaPortal.

DBpia is a multidisciplinary full-text database of journal articles published by major Korean research institutions. There are over 1900 journal titles and more than 1,9 million articles included.

KRpia is a full-text database including reference works and primary sources such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and archival material on Korean history, literature, civilization etc.

Access to DBpia and KRpia for Helsinki University is possible through cooperation with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and with support from the Korea Foundation.

Image: Monkey in a Peach Tree, Korea 18th c. Source: LACMA