Researcher in Aesthetics or Theater: information resources for you!

We have designed two more guides on Art studies :

Library guides are especially designed to fulfill researchers’ information needs. You will find the most relevant sources of information, core databases, journals, articles and news feeds from our guides.

More practical library guides relevant to Art Studies:


What is it all about?

ResearchGuides – Library’s information sources from various research fields, expert librarians and help guides

The ResearchGuides lists a selection of major information resources in various research fields provided by the Library. ResearchGuides collects library’s information sources and services  from the viewpoint of each research field. It is targeted especially for researchers and advanced students.


Trial: Bloomsbury eBooks for the Faculties of City Centre Campus (till December 5)

Bloomsbury Collections provide thousands of e-books in the fields of humanities, education, social sciences, law, religious studies and theology. Both quite recent research monographs and classics are included.

Bloomsbyry_1 Bloomsbury_3 Bloomsbury_4

Now those of our customers who took advantage of the trial for  Ancient Commentators on Aristotele have now a chance to return to this book series again.

Feedback as comment or by e-mail e-library[at]

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Browse Kumpula campus e-books in BookNavigator

The library´s digitization is evolving and now printed materials are, especially in Kumpula, just a small part of our collections. In addition to full coverage in ResearchGuides, all campus fields are now also listed in the BookNavigator e-book service!

It complements the existing Helka catalogue by offering a modern, easy to use, and mobile friendly way of browsing the library´s e-book collections.

You can browse e-books by release date, popularity or even tags. Field subcategories are still under development and will be updated throughout the semester.

Trial: eBooks and eJournals from Wageningen Academic Publishers (till October 31)

We have trial access to over 250 e-books and 4 e-journals  from Wageningen Academic Publishers. The books are mainly in the fields of Viikki  Campus. There are essential scientific books and journals in animal husbandry, veterinary sciences, plant production and food sciences.  The staff and students in other campuses can find interesting reading among them, too.

The books can be browsed by subject categories:

Animal SciencesEnvironmental Sciences  |  Plant Sciences |
Food and Health SciencesSocial Sciences

Among journals can be mentioned especailly Journal of Insects as Food or Feed . It deals with the research in the hot conversation topic. The rest 4 are : Beneficial Microbes, Comparative Excercise Fysiology,  Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods and World Mycotoxin Journal.

Trial period: September 2 – October 31.  Your feedback is welcome: e-library[at]

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Use your Helka Card Number and your Surname as Password in Borrowing Ellibs eTextbooks

Our old customers have get used to write their HELKA card numbers as username and their surname as password when borrowing Ellibs e-textbooks.  The new form they have encountered this autumn when trying to access Ellibs e-books have made some of them to think that they ought to use their PIN code as password.

REMEMBER: The old “tradition” is continuing in the borrowing of Ellibs textbooks:

Username: HELKA card number
Password: surname

See the PrintScreen image of the confusing form below: