Increasing Visibility on Natural Resources Oriented Projects – A Questionnaire

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Hankehaavi is an online research project database – the Finnish name literally ‘projects net’.

Hankehaavi is an innovative service that combines data from several sources into one database with a focus on ease of use. There is no need to sign in or create an account. The service contains information on past and ongoing research projects concerning natural resources from several Finnish organizations.

Four University of Helsinki faculties are involved in Hankehaavi: Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, Biosciences and Pharmacy.

As a multidisciplinary project description search portal Hankehaavi holds a unique role in Finland. Through the service it is possible to make topic based searches throughout six different organization specific registries. In addition to the University of Helsinki content is produced by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, Geological Survey of Finland GTK, National Resources Institute Finland Luke, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

This year Hankehaavi celebrates its 10 year anniversary. It today contains more than 8000 project descriptions and continues to grow as new projects are started. Now the goal is to get even more natural resources oriented research producers involved and to also to remind researchers to rediscover the importance of research project visibility.

Adding Research Projects to Hankehaavi

How can researchers from the University of Helsinki introduce their research projects into Hankehaavi?

  • Your project information are automatically updated once a week from Tuhat to Hankehaavi
  • Attaching a summary, research field and a few keywords to your project description will improve search results and indexing
  • Including your project information in Finnish in addition to English will improve findability
  • Hankehaavi is open and free to use for both researchers and general service users

Providing Information to Policy Makers

The main goal of Hankehaavi is to advance discoverability, ease of access and the usability of research information concerning natural resources. Through its linking system information seekers can reach the publications, online documents and ideally also the research data concerning a particular research project. After this a link to the projects own website will further help improve access to interesting research. In addition for many newly formed research projects the Hankehaavi descriptions may be the first or perhaps even the only source of information when no publications from the project are yet available.

Especially researchers, research funders, experts, research administrations, decision makers, companies and public relations professionals need up to date information on research projects. Hankehaavi enables quick access to what is being researched in natural resources, by whom and in which organizations. For example climate change and bioenergy are both researched at several different organizations and also from various different approaches – information seekers may otherwise find it difficult to evaluate which organizations to treat as primary information sources.

Helsinki University Library is conducting a small scale, Finnish language only questionnaire on Hankehaavi awareness. We are particularly interested in mapping out how well known Hankehaavi currently is and at the same time to hopefully increase its visibility. The questionnaire is available until 30.11.2017.

Addtional Information

Liisa Siipilehto, Information specialist
Helsinki University Library, Viikki Campus Library

Service Provider: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Technical Producer and Maintainance: MI Information Structures Ltd