Biomedicine Goes Art at Kaisa House

The Biomedicine Goes Art exhibition, opening on Monday the 2nd of February in the Kaisa House, shows science, in particular biomedicine, in the extraordinary angle of art. The exhibition will raise curiosity about science and enhance communication between scientists and the metropolitan community.

Nearly 30 surprising and visually appealing works of art are showcased. Most of the works are images of cells and tissues, but also photographs and scientific drawings and paintings are presented.

The exhibition is part of a series of events connected to the theme “Well Enough” organized by the University of Helsinki in February 2015.  The organizers of this exhibition are the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, FIMM at the University of Helsinki.

Apply now for ISEW Library 2015

Helsinki University Library proudly hosts International Staff Exchange Week for library professionals again in June 2015. ISEW Library 2015, one the university’s four optional International Staff Exchange Weeks (ISEW) takes place 1-5 June 2015.

Apply now for ISEW Library
Apply now for ISEW Library 2015

The week offers library professionals with varied backgrounds opportunities to update professional skills and revise routines through networking and benchmarking in Helsinki.

The themes covered during the ISEW Library 2015 will include (but may not be limited to):
•    Changing Library Space and Service Design
•    Licensing and Acquisition of Digital Content
•    Library IT & Infrastructure
•    Visibility: Scientific Communication and Marketing in Social Digital World
•    Open Access and Digital Repository Services
•    Information Literacy – What’s New?

Participation in the scheduled program is free of charge for all accepted participants. Other costs such as the accommodation and the travel to Helsinki are to be covered by the participants.

Application is now open until Friday the 13th of February, 2015. Please, learn more and apply through library web site.



Library Price List Updated

Helsinki University Library price list has been updated. The new prices will come into effect on Monday, 15th of September, 2014. The changes in prices apply mainly to the interlibrary loans and the cost of the IT services and renting the library premises.

The price list is available at the library website

New Website for Helsinki University Library

The Library’s website was updated to the new version on Thursday July the 3rd, 2014.

The new site, inspired by the university’s new light visual identity, is responsive and scalable to various devices such as tablets and smartphones. The separate mobile site will be discontinued.

What is new?

There will be some new functionalities along with the new content on the website:

  • Search Library Resources: The Search functionality which allows you to search for library resources directly in HELKA database, Nelli portal and HELDA repository can now be found on each page of the site.
  • All library locations now have a page dedicated to the services of the location.
  • Navigation is easier with megamenu in which the user can directly see the contents of each navigation branch

Give us feedback!

Library will appreciate your feedback on the new site and other digital library services. You can give feedback through our feedback form.

Helsinki University Library wishes all customers a very happy summer!

Helsinki University Library’s Communications and Digital Services

ISEW Library 2014 Attracted Dozens of Applicants

Helsinki University Library welcomes another group of European colleagues for staff exchange week taking place in early June 2014. ISEW Library 2014 is the third occasion Helsinki University Library is organizing this excellent opportunity to learn and exchange ideas about the state-of-art library services and future of academic libraries.

The library received an astonishing number of 74 applications for its ISEW Library 2014 and thus faced a cruel job selecting only 15 participants from a multitude of excellent ones. During the selection process our ISEW team aimed at ensuring the largest geographic, organizational and professional variety in the group of ISEW 2014 participants.

The library’s ISEW team is already looking forward to meeting all the enthusiastic colleagues selected for the ISEW programme in Helsinki and doing our best to ensure that the International Staff Exchange Week for library professionals will be worthwhile and memorable.

Benchmarking can be great fun – stay tuned for more updates!

The Embassy of Mexico Book Donation

Today Helsinki University Library received a significant donation from the Embassy of Mexico, as we received some 350 books by the high education institutions of Mexico.

Some of the books donated to HULib by The Embassy of Mexico
Some of the books donated to HULib by The Embassy of Mexico

The topics of this scientific literature include poetry, culture, sciences, history, politics, and economy. The donation is made to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Resident Embassies in Mexico City and Helsinki.

The collection will be made available for the library customers through HELKA database.

“I hope this donation contributes to a better knowledge of Mexico and to increase the curiosity of students and scholars to deepen their studies in its culture, its economy, its science, as well as improve their Spanish language skills.”

H.E. Ambassador Norma Pensado

H.E. Ambassor Norma Pensado and Chief Librarian Dr. Kimmo Tuominen
H.E. Ambassor Norma Pensado and Chief Librarian Dr. Kimmo Tuominen

Textbooks to circulate faster

The loan period for textbooks in the Main Library (Kaisa House) will be 14 days, starting from August the 19th, 2013. The change in loan period will speed up the circulation of the books so that more students are able to get the required textbook in time.

If you currently have textbooks from Main Library checked out, you can proceed to renew the loans normally. If there are no reservations for the books, the loans will renewed with 14 day loan period.

The loan periods for library material may vary depending on the library location and the collection.


Nelli is Slow

Nelli is working slow. The situation is same in all the University libraries in Finland. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that the problem will be solved as soon as possible.