Campaigning for peace and quiet: Different spaces, different uses

The library facilities are divided into zones and colour-coded to indicate whether they are silent areas, working spaces or social and recreational facilities.

Our customers are annoyed if designated phone locations are taken into private working places, or if those who speak in the recreational areas with a normal voice are being hissed.

Use the facilities according to their purpose. Leave the designated phone locations free for phone calls, and keep your voice down at the working spaces. Laptops and computers may not be used in quiet reading room (on the 2nd floor in the Kaisa House), the room is reserved for silent reading. Recreational areas are more relaxed facilities, but be considerate there, too.

Please notice, that some of the reading tables on the 4th-6th floor in the Kaisa House are intended for University of Helsinki students, researchers and staff exclusively.



Campaigning for peace and quiet: Read in harmony with others

Reading tables are reserved first in the library. In the afternoons 71% of the Kaisa House’s reading places are full, while in the morning and evening there is more room.

The number of reading places has been increased in all our library locations during 2015-2018, and new ideas for better use of our premises are being developed all the time. Changes are made, for example, in the Main Library’s 7th floor and the Kumpula Campus Library this spring.

You can help us! Make sure that there are enough reading places for as many as possible

Campaigning for Peace and Quiet in the Helsinki University Library, March 5th-13th 2018.

Some of the reading tables are intended for University of Helsinki students, researchers and staff exclusively.

Make sure your belongings don’t take over the places near you. Take care of your belongings, and watch out for thieves.

When using a reading table you may leave for a short period, but no longer than 30 minutes.

See more our common library rules!

Next time the Main Library is packed, remember these

There are good reading and study places also in the campus libraries, as well as in the learning centres and other libraries near the city centre campus.

Changes on the 7th floor of the Main Library

Reading space increases on the 7th floor

Collection moves will be made on the 7th floor of the Main Library at the turn of February-March. About half of the journals will be moved to the floor K4. White shelves will be removed and all the journals will be placed in the shelves on the wall. The journal area is replaced with a reading space.

The majority of the journals in the library collection are electronic. You will find the information of both electronic and printed journals from the Helka Library Database.