TUHAT-clinics start Jan 8th @ Kaisa House

During  the January 2019 library offers support for University of Helsinki annual research reporting. Library organizes support clinics for researchers and personnel focusing on reporting into research information system TUHAT.

  • Kaisa House January 8th 10-12 or 24th 14-16, pc-room 5057
  • Meilahti January 14th 14-16, Terkko pc-classroom
  • Kumpula Campus library January 15th 13-15, library classroom G108b
  • Viikki January 18th 10-12, pc-classroom 170, Info Centre Korona, 1st floor

No preregistration needed. You can just pop in or stay as long as you wish.

Don´t forget our online guide and support service:

24h access to the Kumpula Campus Library to end on May 18th, 2018

Faculty of Science personnel’s 24h access to the Kumpula campus library to end on May 18th, 2018

Members of faculty personnel with access to Chemicum, Exactum, or Physicum at the Kumpula Campus have received also 24h access to the Campus Library, with a separate application.

The practice of granting the 24-hour access to the library will be discontinued and the access rights will be terminated on Friday May 18th, 2018. After the renovation, the library’s facilities are available to faculty staff during opening hours.

The Campus Library to undergo refurbishment

The Kumpula Campus Library will be closed for summer 2018 due to renovation. The last day the library will be open before the renovation is Friday, 18 May 2018.

The library’s facility upgrade project is part of a broader project that involves the Faculty of Science and the University’s Student Services. The library’s aim is to create a versatile and flexible learning environment on the first floor, as well as in the remaining space on the second floor (about half of the current area).

For further information about the schedule and the library services during the renovation, see page Kumpula 2018

It takes only HUPS and library material is on researcher’s desk!

Service for the University of Helsinki and HUCH researchers

A click on the logo guides you to the order form!

HUPS is a Helsinki University Library’s service for researchers, using which the Helsinki University and HUCH staff can order books and copies of journal articles free of charge from the Helsinki University Library’s collections.

The material is delivered directly to researcher and the researcher therefore does not have to retrieve it from the library personally.

Some researchers have already become regular users of the service.

Literature arrives in the mailbox

Trial of the HUPS service started in May 2015. In half a year, over 300 orders have been made from all over the University. Requests have mostly been for article copies, little more than a third of the orders have been books. As a rule, orders have been delivered within a few days.

Place an order here!

Order can be made by using this form.

You will find the form by following the HUPS logo on the library’s website, on Flamma-intranet, in Terkko Navigator and in ResearchGuides.

In the near future HUPS-logo will appear also in your search results, when searching library resources on the Library’s website.

You can also make a HUPS-request easily from the SFX-link resolver.

Library of Parliament’s Annual Research Seminar March 3 – Welcome!

The Annual Research Seminar: Researchers at the Researchers´ Room of The Library of Parliament

Each researcher presents her/his own research topic. Refreshments. Welcome!
Tuesday 3rd of March 2015 at 13 – 16 hours
Lecture Room Aurora, The Library of Parliament

13.00 Seminaarin avaus / Opening words, Eduskunnan kirjaston johtaja / Director of The Library of Parliament Sari Pajula

13.05 Valtio tietoyhteiskuntana: poliittisen aluetutkimuksen näkökulma, Professori Sami Moisio, Helsingin yliopisto

13.15 Vahingonkorvausvastuun määräytyminen sähköisen identiteetin tunnistus- ja allekirjoituspalveluissa, OTL Tuire Saaripuu, Helsingin yliopisto

13.30 Genesis of a  cross-breeding  Power Élite in Senegal: A Comparative study: Politics-Law & Constitution-Constitutional Law, VTL Silvain Sagne, University of Eastern Finland
13.45 Language factor in nation state building and national development, M Soc Sci Michael Uba, Åbo Akademi
14.00 Customary or commercial? Nordicallemansrätt/jokamiehenoikeus and the lingonberry rush of the 19th century, VTM Matti La Mela, European University Institute (Firenze)

14.15 Kahvitauko /  Refreshments

14.45 ”Välietapilla” – koulutuspolulta poikenneiden nuorten elämänkulku ja toimijuus, KM Sanna Mäkinen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto

15.00 Customs Cooperation in Criminal Matters between the European Union Customs Union and the Member States in Cross-Border Goods Traffic – There is a need for a supranational criminal law, OTM Elise Luovula, Helsingin yliopisto

15.15 Competing conceptions or one and the same? Norm promotion by the EU and US in the context of the “Arab Spring” , VTM Ville Sinkkonen, Turun yliopisto

15.30 Corporate Power and Human Rights – Can non-binding corporate social responsibility instruments evolve into mandatory regulation? , OTM Lia Ojanen, Helsingin yliopisto

15.45 Was there a balance of Power system in the ancient Near East? – Near Eastern Diplomacy during the Third and Second Millennium BCE, VTM Alex Aissaoui, Helsingin yliopisto