Students of Viikki! Join us in planning Infocenter Korona’s renovation on April 4, 2019

The heart of Viikki Campus, Infocenter Korona, will begin to undergo refurbishment at the start of summer 2020.

The facilities will be developed to better suit future needs, and especially teaching facilities will undergo a significant change. Facilities for University staff members and the University Library will be on the upper floors of Korona. The lower floor will be dedicated to libraries, students and teaching.

Come and tell us what kind to facilities you need to best support your studies!

Tuesday April 2 2019 at 14-16
Infocenter Korona, lecture room 139

The current concept plan will be demonstrated using panoramic videos and VR-headsets. A presentation about the development of teaching and the future of studying will also be included in the program. There will be time for questions, feedback and discussion by using an interactive tool Flinga at the end of the event. Refreshments and fruit will be served.

Event programme (to be detailed later)

  • Context for Viikki area and the Infocenter, Architect Mika Huhtala, University of Helsinki
  • Future of teaching and studying, Anne Nevgi, University lecturer
  • Infocenter Korona’s new facilities, preliminary concept, Interior Architect SIO Leea Åberg, Sisustusarkkitehdit Gullstén & Inkinen
  • Discussion and feedback using Flinga.

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Feedback about Viikki Campus Library facilities was gathered during autumn of 2018

Helsinki University Library conducted a user survey in September and October 2018. Feeback was gathered with Flinga and flip charts located at the library.

We asked our customers what works at the library in general and what doesn’t. We also asked specifically about group facilities, researcher lounges and the 24h reading area.

The survey got about 200 development proposals and other responses. Criticism was mostly about the noise in the library, and users wished for better soundproofing. Other topics that surfaced were ergonomics, ventilation, lighting and colour scheme. Improvements were hoped for furnishings, group facilities and researcher lounges. There was also a wish for more studying spaces.

The users thanked the library for good customer service, indoor plants and gardens, comfortable couches and quiet and well-lit studying spaces by the windows.

The library has compiled a detailed summary of the feedback to be used in the planning for renovation of library spaces.




Second floor of the Kumpula Campus Library to open on February 1st

On the top floor of the Kumpula Campus Library, a new kind of smart facility for researchers and students will be opened. The library’s second-floor customer facilities are available from Friday, February 1st.

The first floor has been available with its collections, facilities and services from September 3rd, 2018. Read more: Welcome to the renewed Kumpula Campus Library

Ubikampus @ Kumpula

The library’s facility upgrade project is connected with a broader project that involves the Faculty of Science and the University’s Student Services. What is taking place in the space is the first pilot of the Ubikampus project.

The 1,000 square meter pilot premises of the Ubikampus project house altogether 168 workstations and 16 separate rooms bookable with the tablets situated at the doors. More than half of the space is reserved for students, the rest for researchers. Students’ facilities include reading places and group study rooms.

Arrangements on the second floor are still in progress, but you are welcome to check out and test new facilities!

Furniture moves in the Kaisa House in June

More space for reading and working is being made available on the floors 2, 4 and 7 in the Main Library. In addition to the installation of new furniture, old furniture is moved from one floor to another, causing some noise. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

There will be more reading tables and standing height desks on the second floor of the Main Library.

Student, reserve a group study room with your smartphone

Do you need a place to work on your group project or presentation? Did you know that you can reserve a group study room with your mobile device?

Just follow these simple steps  (recommended for Apple or Android users).

  1. You´ll need to use the University of Helsinki Office 365 email system (for UH students and staff) . Read more about Office 365 (switch to English via top right corner).
  2. Download the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook
    Instructions how to download Outlook from the AppStore/Google Play Store  (switch to English via top right corner).
  3. Follow these instructions to make a reservation through the Outlook app (example from Android version).

  4. Remember to check your university email to confirm your reservation was accepted.

Campus Library Group Facilities Email Addresses

Group study rooms in Terkko unavailable from May 15th, 2017

The Meilahti Campus Library Terkko is preparing for alteration work that will start in May 2017.

The three group study rooms and the auditorium in Terkko will still be available during week 19 (May 8th – 12th), but starting on Monday, May 15th, group study rooms and the auditorium can no longer be reserved.

The Meilahti Campus Library Terkko will be closed for renovations from Monday, May 22nd 2017, and the new premises will open in autumn 2017.

Further information about the renovations will become available in March-April.


Kaisa House Group Work Room Reservations in the Office 365 Calendar

Starting July 1st, reservations for the 10 group work rooms in Kaisa House will be made using the Office 365 calendar. It is no longer possible to make reservations in the former system, Timmi, after June 2016.

The group facilities can only be reserved by the students and staff of the University of Helsinki. To make a reservation you need a Helsinki University Office365 account and calendar. You can find the Kaisa House group work rooms in the calendar under “Kaisa-talo Group Study Room”.

Further information and instructions for group work rooms on the library’s website.

Starting in summer 2016, all Helsinki University Library group work rooms will be reserved with the Office 365 calendar. In addition to the Kaisa House group work rooms you can also find group work rooms from the following places in the calendar: Viikki Campus Library, Learning Centre Aleksandria, and Learning Centre Minerva. Starting in August you will also be able to reserve the group work rooms of the Kumpula and Meilahti Campus Libraries using the calendar.

Further information and instructions for the Office365 calendar available on the Helpdesk website.

Change in reservation practices for group work rooms in the library

Change in reservation practices for group work rooms in the library

Starting in summer 2016, all group work rooms will be reserved with the Office 365 calendar. The first change starts in Viikki Campus Library, where the old reservation system will be phased out in June.

Viikki Campus Library

  • Starting June 1st, reservations will be made using the Office 365 calendar.
  • The library will transfer existing reservations from the old system into the Office 365 calendar.
  • Viikki campus library is closed during the summer from June 24th until July 31st.

Main Library, Kaisa House

  • Starting July 1st, reservations will be made using the Office 365 calendar.
  • In the old Timmi-system reservations can be made for June, but no longer for July.
  • Any existing reservations for July or later will be transferred to the Office 365 calendar.

The Kumpula Campus Library and the Meilahti Campus Library Terkko are closed from June 24th until July 31st

  • Group work room reservations in Terkko will move to the Office 365 calendar after the summer break on August 1st.
  • Any existing reservations will be transferred to the Office 365 calendar.
  • The group work rooms in Kumpula are already in the Office 365 calendar, but currently reservations have to be made at the service desk.
  • Starting on August 1st, students will be able to make their own reservations using the Office 365 calendar.

The group work room reservations in the Aleksandria and Minerva learning centres are already in the Office 365 calendar since the beginning of the year 2016.

Further information and instructions will be available in June.

Reservation system for Aleksandria group work rooms changes

The reservations of the student group areas in Aleksandria move from the system to Office 365 as of 1 January 2016. The old will be shut down in January 2016.

In Office 365, the reservations are made using the dedicated calendar where students have the right to make reservations.

Reservations already made for year 2016 are not transferred automatically to Office 365. If necessary, the IT Center contacts the people who have already made such reservations.

Opening of the Learning Centre Minerva on Tuesday December 1st

Minerva openingOpening on Tuesday, December 1st at 1 pm – 4 pm
Siltavuorenpenger 5A, Floor K2

Opening program: Circuit training
Presentations are in Finnish.

Ring 1: CleverTouch screen demo
Ring 2: E-point: Electronic library at your disposal
Ring 3: Office365: How to make a group work room reservation and what else is Office365
Ring 4: Ask the librarian! Tell us your experiences, greetings, feedback, wishes about the Learning Centre.

Group work area, computers, mobile storage units, reading places

The redesigned group work and reading areas will open at last at Siltavuorenpenger. Feel free to explore and test facilities! We welcome your comments and experiences: the librarian is present at 1 pm – 3 pm on Wed-Thu Dec 3rd-4th and on Tue-Thu Dec 8th-10th.

Entrance to the Learning Centre is at K2 floor, next to the Minerva Square. The space is available weekdays between 8 am – 7:45 pm. Furnishing of The Learning Centre is still in progress, so installations of sofas and computers may cause some inconvenience.

More information about the Learning Centre Minerva

Service Break on Booking System Timmi in November 24th

timmiThere will be a service break on university’s room reservation system Timmi on Tuesday, November 24th. The estimated duration of the break is from 8 am until noon.

During the break the system will be updated and can not be used. That means reservations for Kaisa-Library group work rooms can not be made or existing ones updated.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.