Meet the Mildred Five!

“The University of Helsinki provides researchers and research groups with a research data infrastructure that includes tools and services for supporting the management, use, findability and sharing of data as well as with the capacity for storage, preservation, computing and processing. This data infrastructure is built and developed together with national and international parties, taking into account the services and infrastructures that they offer.”

Above is the fifth point in the University of Helsinki research data policy that was confirmed in February 2015. This research data policy was also the beginning of the Project Mildred that was launched in the spring 2016.

The goal of the Project Mildred is to implement the research data policy in practice. This is accomplished by providing the researchers with the tools to carry out the proper data management required by the University of Helsinki (see other points in research data policy) and other research funding institutions, for example Academy of Finland.

As we know, the Project Mildred is divided into five sub-projects:

  1. Digitalization of Research Data Services Delivery
  2. Data Repository Service
  3. Data Publishing and Metadata Service
  4. Data Storage and Backup
  5. Implementation of Data Management Planning Tool – Tuuli

The first phase of the Project Mildred will end by the end of the year 2017. In the next week, we will present each subproject and its current situation in this blog. So follow the blog posts and tweets (#MildredFive), and meet the Mildred Five!

In the video above: The photo session for the Project Mildred in Viikki, Helsinki. Ville Tenhunen (project manager) and Minna Harjuniemi (project owner) work in the Mildred sub-project 2 and 4. Photographer Jussi Männistö works in the Helsinki University Library. Photos will be published next week!