Sign up for the Moodle-miitti! On Monday 30.5.2022, from 9am to 12pm, teachers will showcase their pedagogical solutions in Moodle

Sign up by registering on the Moodle area and adding the event to your calendar.

In the webinar, you will hear about good e-learning practices and ideas and exchange experiences with other Moodle teachers. This year, all Finnish Moodle teachers have been invited to the Moodle-miitti!

The opportunity is suitable for both those who are beginners in using Moodle and those who have taught with Moodle for a long time.

The first two presentations are in English and the rest in Finnish. Group discussions will be conducted according to the language of the participants.


9-9.15 Introduction and welcome Educational Technology Specialist Heikki Wilenius, DOJO
9.15-9.30 Creating a self-study academic writing course in Moodle (in English) University Instructor Jonathon Martin, Language Centre (Academic Writing in English)
9.30-10 Discussion in small groups
10-10.15 Gamified course in Moodle using ThingLink and various assessment methods (in English) Senior University Lecturer Reijo Käkelä, Faculty of biological and environmental sciences & Educational Technology Specialist Sanna-Katja Parikka, DOJO
10.15-10.25 Discussion in small groups
10.25-10.40 Break
10.40-10.55 Accessible Moodle Course: First Steps (in Finnish) University Lecturer Tuuli Anna Renvik, Faculty of Social Sciences (Sosial psychology), Open University
10.55-11.10 Discussion in small groups
11.10-11.25 Giving feedback to specializing doctors with the Database Activity (in Finnish) Ewa Jokinen, Faculty of Medicine
11.25-11.40 Discussion in small groups
11.40-11.55 Extra credits from voluntary exams, implementation and experiences (in Finnish) University Lecturer Teemu Rinne, Faculty of Medicine (Psychology), Open University
11.55-12 Closing Educational Technology Specialist Heikki Wilenius, DOJO

Take a relaxed seat and your morning coffee with you, and come hear about the best ideas for your own teaching! Welcome!

The event will be organized by Services for Digital Education and Continuous Learning (DOJO).

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