Moodle training – sign up!

Several Moodle training sessions available in Finnish and Moodle Basics and Quiz in English! Trainings are webinars at Zoom.

Detailed information and registration at Suffeli Learning, see links below (Suffeli instructions).






If signed with * the final 30 minutes of the session is reserved for questions.

Any other future trainings will be updated to this list.


Also remember

Order training

If there is no suitable training available at a time that works for you, please just email us at and we can provide training for you and your colleagues. You can find examples of the trainings in the picture below. Read descriptions of the trainings in Suffeli Learning: Moodle Training Program  (click on the “training list” tab).

User Survey on exporting grades from Moodle to Sisu

Grades from Moodle can be exported to Sisu in two ways: either using the direct Sisu export from the Grades view in Moodle, or exporting the grades in Excel format and using the SIMU-converter (see instructions).

Do you have experience in exporting grades from Moodle to Sisu? Please answer this short survey that takes ca. five minutes to fill out. The quiz results will influence further development of the grade export functionality.

The Quiz will be open until Friday 17th December.