Welcome to the free online course Learn Moodle 3.7 Basics

Learn Moodle Basics 3.7 starts on 3rd June, and it ends on 7th of July 2019. After the course you will get the certificate.

The completion of the course is optional, so you can also participate to see execution of the course, and complete the assignments at your own pace.

The course Learn Moodle 3.7 Basics is a MOOC which means:

M = Massive – allows access to a very large number of participants.
O = Open to everyone and free.
O = Online – you can study remotely via the Internet.
C = Course – the course has a beginning and an end (a given period of time), it includes assignments, there is defined some learning objectives, and there is some interaction between participants.

The Learn Moodle 3.7 Basics offers

  • ideas of how to use Moodle in a more versatile way in your teaching.
  • experience in studying with a MOOC.
  • a great opportunity to connect with a global Moodle community and share your ideas with other teachers using Moodle all around the world.
  • an introduction to the new Moodle version 3.7. (that the University of Helsinki will most likely introduce at the turn of the year).

Read more and register right now for the course in https://learn.moodle.net/.




Learn Moodle Basics on Mon 10th September

Welcome to the Moodle Basics Training on Mon 10th September at 2 – 5 pm!

Moodle is the most commonly used web-based teaching tool at the University of Helsinki. It should be used whenever an interactive element is to be added to a course.

Moodle works in both contact teaching and distance learning.

You will learn Moodle from the beginning. No prerequisites. After the Moodle Basics you can do these things in Moodle:

  • How to add course materials, including links, folders and pages?
  • How to create an assignment submission area for students’ essays, etc.?
  • How to create a discussion forum?
  • How to get your own Moodle course area?
  • How to navigate effectively in Moodle?
  • How students can register to your Moodle area?

Even if you already have some experience with Moodle, this training is a great opportunity to learn more about some of the online pedagogy principles that are recommended for Moodle basic use in teaching.

Register here: www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar

Venue: Learning Centre Aleksandria, Fabianinkatu 28


Come to Moodle training in Autumn 2018

Welcome to Moodle trainings and clinics! This autumn we offer in English:

  • 27th August at 1.15-4 pm. Moodle & MOOC Clinic (at Meilahti campus)
  • 29th August at 10.15 am. – 13 pm. eTeaching Clinic (at Kumpula campus)
  • 10th September at 2-5 pm. Moodle basics in English (at City centre campus)
  • 27th September at 8-10 am. Moodle & MOOC Clinic (at Siltavuorenpenger campus)
  • 24th October at 1-4 pm. Moodle & MOOC Clinic (at Kumpula campus)
  • 25th October at 1.15-4 pm. eTeaching Clinic (at City centre campus)
  • 14th November at 1-4 pm. Moodle & MOOC Clinic (at Viikki campus)
  • 18th December at 1-4 pm. Moodle & MOOC Clinic (at City centre campus)

More trainings and advanced courses are in Finnish, see here.

Enrollment and more information in Henkka http://www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar

NB. If you wish to have training in English or in some other topic please contact moodle@helsinki.fi.

In January starts the MOOC course: Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics

Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics” is a free MOOC-course open for registration for everyone interested in learning more about Moodle. The course is especially geared for teachers who would like to develop their own use of Moodle and gain experience studying with a MOOC. This course is a great opportunity to connect with the international Moodle-community and to share new ideas with teachers who use Moodle worldwide.

The MOOC will begin on 8nd January, 2018 and lasts for four weeks. The completion of the course for accomplishment grade is optional. You are free to participate as an auditor with your own user login, to follow the course when it is convenient for you.

Find out more information about the course and register at:

For registration, you just need an email account, which will enable you to create your own password for login purposes. This MOOC is designed and organized by Moodle HQ, not University of Helsinki. We hope you may take this wonderful opportunity!

Come to Moodle training in Autumn 2017

This autumn there is also training in English:

  • 13th September at 16:15-18 Introduction to Moodle
  • 14th September at 15-17 Introduction to Moodle (Webinar/Online Meeting)

Two more “Moodle basics” courses in Finnish:

  • 22th August at 13:15-16 Moodlen perusteet
  • 25th October at 15:15-18 Moodlen perusteet

Moodle & MOOC clinics now every month – Come and make your own course:

  • 30th August at 15:15-18
  • 29th September at 9:15-12
  • 26th October at 14:15-17
  • 20th November at 15:15-18
  • 11th December at 12:15-15

Advanced courses in Finnish. You can join the beginning of the training also via Adobe Connect.

  • 8th September at 13:15-16 Mikä MOOC? (MOOC)
  • 12th September at 13:30-16 Tentit Moodlessa vai tenttiakvaario Examinariumissa? (Exams)
  • 26th September at 13:30-16 Miten arvioida Moodlessa? (Grading)
  • 21th November at 13:30-16 Tentit Moodlessa vai tenttiakvaario Examinariumissa? (Exams)
  • 28th November at 13:30-16 Miten arvioida Moodlessa? (Grading)

More information and enrollment in Henkka.

If you wish to have training in English or in some other topic please contact moodle @ helsinki.fi