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Digital humanities – minor subject study block (25 credits), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, 2015-16

In 2015-16 we will pilot a Digital Humanities 25-credit minor subject study block at the Faculty of Arts for those University of Helsinki students who have completed their bachelor’s degree.

Also computer science students are encouraged to participate (with some carrots hidden in the agenda). If you are a CS student outside HY (f.e. Aalto) and would like to participate, please contact: mikko.tolonen@helsinki.fi.

For more information about DIGIHUM, read:


For more information in English (including information about courses), see also:


You can find DIGIHUM also in Weboodi. Registration to some of the courses (including mandatory “Introduction to digital humanities”, 28.10-11.12.2015) has already begun:

Digitaalinen humanismi, 2015-16 

Please note that places to some of the courses are limited.

If you are interested to study DIGIHUM minor subject study block, register your interest also at: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/62531/lomake.html

New courses might be added later to Weboodi (especially Spring 2016).

NB! Some courses (especially method courses) beside those listed in Weboodi at the moment can also be included to the study block based on case by case evaluation of the suitability of the suggested course.

In case you have any questions, ask away or contact through email: mikko.tolonen@helsinki.fi