ANIWEL 2010 – 2013

Graduate School in Animal Welfare

ANIWEL Graduate School is funded by the Finnish Academy for the period 1.1.2010 – 31.12.2013. Two closely related research areas are interconnected in the ANIWEL graduate school: animal welfare and clinical veterinary medicine.

ANIWEL is a network which is comprised of research groups in four universities and two research institutes in Finland. Presently ANIWEL has approximately 60 students. To date 19 students have defended their PhD.

The graduate school encourages the doctoral students to grow up to ethically conscious professional researchers and specialists who are genuinely multidisciplinary, critical, and innovative. They are well incorporated in research networks and have workable international contacts while graduating.

All students will get acquinted with the basics of animal welfare and they understand the connection between animal production, diseases and the surroundings. In addition, they are well informed on the economic, social and environmental significance of domestic animal keeping (livestock and companion animals). Controlled food animal production based on the principles of sustainable development is a definite premiss to safe food supplies.

Clinical research in veterinary medicine is emphasized. The veterinary teaching hospital provides excellent facilities and the necessary patients both in Helsinki (horses, small animals) and Saari (production animals). Research of zoonoses and epidemiological risk evaluation area new study areas which will be initiated.

Stress and pain are crucial elements in animal physiology but they are also central in animal related legislation. Therefore they are in the centre of the study interests, as well as animal politics, animal ethics, practical applications of animal protection legislation, and the government owned canine officers (police, customs and border dogs).


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