Winter Update (2019/2020): Optics of Photosynthesis Lab

Dear all, here comes our next Lab update!

Certainly the most prominent news from the last months has been our unprecedented  peak in productivity. Big congratulations to Paulina and Jon for their respective new family members :D!

Congratulations also to Shari for her recently published paper in Photosynthesis Research which reveals the wealth of information that can be tapped from investigating the kinetics of the reflectance and transmittance spectra of leaves upon a light induction. The Open Access paper (courtesy of University of Helsinki) can be
accessed via this link. In addition we are currently working with multiple papers from our past FAST 2017 boreal forest campaign, 2018 potato crop campaign, long-term Monitoring PAM datasets, as well as a perspective paper from our FAST 2019 Workshop. Hopefully we can add more details and links in next update :)!

Last but not least, our Academy of Finland FLUOSYNTHESIS project is coming to an end in August 2020 which means we are actively seeking for new sources of funding to continue (and expand!) our Lab activities to different research areas. Our mission and vision statements remain however untouched… we will continue striving to interpret the information embed in the light emitted or reflected from plants.

South view from Mount Caro (1441m, Spain). Photo: Albert Porcar-Castell (In the far left corner are the grounds where I used to play as a child)