Update and face-lift coming soon :)!

It has been hectic and our website is badly needing an update. We will try our best to do that in the near future, apologies! In short, we now have three new ongoing projects  funded by the Academy of Finland (see below), which means we also have some new faces, collaborators and new exciting research, stay tuned!

  • Sensing plant Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (SensBVOCs), 2021-2024 (PI, Chao Zhang). The project investigates and models the spectral expression of  BVOC emissions and their dynamics.
  • Mechanistic remote sensing of forest climate impacts (MONOCLE), 2022-2027 (PI, Jon Atherton). The project investigates how climate impacts on forests reflect on remote sensing data and how this information scales from the leaf to the satellite pixel.
  • Resolved optical ecophysiology: leaf level (REDEYE), 2022-2026 (PI, Porcar-Castell).  The project develops and implements novel protocols combining gas exchange, spectral reflectance and fluorescence to resolve and model the regulation of photosynthesis in situ. Currently hiring a PhD student! you can look and apply here