Apply now to join our Lab!

We have an open PhD-student position to join our Lab. Application deadline is 8th April 2016.

The new team member will study the factors that control the variation in leaf optical traits across space, time and species as part of our FLUOSYNTHESIS project.

Further details and instructions of how to apply from this link:


Check our new paper in Remote Sensing of Environment!

Chlorophyll fluorescence and the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) are related to rapid time-scale adjustments in the photosynthetic machinery. However the relationship between photosynthetic rate and these measurements has not been fully elucidated, even at the leaf scale. We conducted leaf level modelling and measurements of the dynamics of spectral chlorophyll fluorescence and the PRI, and showed that these measurements can be combined to estimate photosynthetic efficiency parameters. We  recommend future strategies to scale to the canopy and landscape (you can find a PDF in our “Publications” section).

Thanks to the University of Helsinki Funds and the Academy of Finland for support!


EUROSPEC Review paper out in Biogeosciences!

Our Review “EUROSPEC: At the interface between Remote Sensing and CO2 flux measurements in Europe” has been recently published in Biogeosciences (See publications for a pdf copy).

In this review we contextualize and describe the main accompishments of EUROSPEC COST Action and describe the background of in situ long-term spectral measurements and their main tradeoffs. We also discuss the potential of in situ spectral measurements towards connecting CO2 flux data and satellite remote sensing data at the global scale (you can find a PDF in our “Publications” section).

Thanks to COST!