Products 2009-2014

The already accomplished products until 2013 are:

  • Carefully tested and developed instruments for observing Early Learning, instrument to study children’s orientation towards perceived change, instrument to evaluate children’s skills and the learning environment.
  • Training of the staff for onbservation and interview.
  • Presentations and training for the educators on Children’s Agentive Perception.
  • Developing and instrument for self-evaluation.
  • Feedback for the research day care centers on the results of the observation.
  • The deepening of the Finnish-Taiwanese cooperation.
  • 217 development tasks for making a difference in ECE
  • Cooperation projects with Nuori Suomi ja IBM.
  • Orientation Conference 23rd May2012 with 23 presentations and over 200 posters produced by the educators and teams.
  • Quality evaluation in 2012 with 3594 children and parents evaluating the learning environment. Also 925 staff teams evaluated their learning environment. All three types of evaluations were merged together, which made it possible to see what kind of learning environment is related to children’s positive experiences, peer relations, fears and being listened to in day care.
  • A development project on using simulations in pre-school to enhance children’s skills in their steering of their own learning and testing their ideas.


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