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The APOSTLE collaboration

The APOSTLE collaboration is “A Project Of Simulating The Local Environment”.

An offshoot of the EAGLE collaboration, it was started by myself, Carlos Frenk, Azadeh Fattahi and Julio Navarro in 2013, and has now grown to a large international collaboration. To date, more than 20 papers based directly on APOSTLE data have been written by more than 30 different co-authors from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Click below for a list of APOSTLE papers published to date. We also keep a repository for ongoing projects (password required). If you are interested in using APOSTLE data for your own project, please send me an email (till+DOT+sawala+AT+helsinki+DOT+fi)

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