In the news: cosmic own goal leaves galaxies dark

Our paper “The chosen few: the low mass halos that host faint galaxies” has been in the news!

Collaborators: Carlos S. FrenkAzadeh FattahiJulio F. NavarroTom TheunsRichard G. BowerRobert A. CrainMichelle FurlongAdrian JenkinsMatthieu SchallerJoop Schaye



  • The Daily Mail Online: Are we on the brink of finding dark matter?
  • ‘Cosmic own goal’ another clue in hunt for dark matter
  • Dark Matter Halos are Sad Would-Be Galaxies
  • Red OrbitIn the Hunt For Dark Matter, New Simulations Show Evolution Of “Local Universe”
  • ANI News: Understanding formation of galaxies could solve mystery of dark matter
  • Science World Report: Supercomputer Simulations Chart the Evolution of the Local Universe
  • Science 2.0: Just In Time For The World Cup, The Cosmos Scores A Dark Matter Own Goal


  • Eerste sterren hinderden de vorming van sterrenstelsels


  • Tendencias 21: Nuevos descubrimientos nos acercan a la materia oscura


  • INAF: Aloni sterili e materia oscura



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