My work practice in the UH space physics team

During the first week of October, Friia from the South Botnia Waldorf / Steiner school visited our research group, to participate in a week of vocational traning and experiencing life as a space physicist!

Hello! I am Friia, 8th grade student from Etelä-Pohjanmaan Steiner-koulu, and I spent a wonderful week in the space physics team of University of Helsinki doing my work practice for this year. I’ve always been interested in space, and that’s why I got an idea to come here during my school’s work practice period.

I had to do some tasks during the week. For example I had to do classification about velocity distributions in the simulation EGI from some time point and name and classify those classes according to the shape of, and structures in their cross-sections. After that I made a poster about my analysis.

There are some of most interesting shapes that i noticed, and names that I gave to them:


“Beholder (the Eyemonster)”


I also had great possibilities to get to know what people are doing here and what is life like when you are a space physicist. I also got to attend some meetings and it was interesting (I really didn’t understand all the concepts but it was still great and cool because I did understand some of them) and I was able to make suggestions by myself about the topics. At the end of the week I even got to listen to a lecture about neutron stars. After all, It has been a very informative week and I’ve learnt something new.

I would say that if you are interested in space or space physics come here to your TET-practice and see what a researcher’s job is like and get inspired about it. You will have a very cool week.

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