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Tarja Tolonen, Doctor of Social Sciences,  Adjunct professor,  University lecturer   



I started as a University Lecturer at the Department of Social Research in September 2013.  This lectureship is specialized on research on marginalization of children and young people.  I am responsible of study module of childhood and youth, as well as teaching courses and master seminar on  themes considering children and young people.  In addition I supervise master and doctoral thesis.   I also teach within two networks: SOSNET and YUNET.

SOSNET is Finnish National University Network for Social Work,

YUNET is University Network of Youth Research in Finland.


I worked as a Senior Inspector at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Youth Department in 2011-13, and  as a Research Coordinator in Youth Research Network 2010-11.

Before this I have worked as a Researcher Fellow for 15 years at the Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki.  I have made research on young people for various points of views,  young people at school and at leisure time, as well as marginalization and success of young people.  In addition,  I have researched social, spatial and educational transitions of young people.

My recent interests are dealing with marginalization, ethnicity, gender,  social class and culture in Finnish society.