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Tarja Tolonen, Doctor of Social Sciences, Docent,   University lecturer

I started as a University lecturer in September 2013.  This lectureship is specialized on research on marginalization of children and young people.  I teach courses on researching children and young people. I also supervise master and doctoral thesis.  Besides teaching at the department of social research and also within two networks: SOSNET and YUNET.

SOSNET is Finnish National University Network for Social Work,

YUNET is University Network of Youth Research in Finland.


I worked in the Ministry of Education and Culture, Youth Department in 2011-13., and  in Youth Research Network 2010-11 as a Research coordinator.

Before this I have worked as a Researcher Fellow for 15 years at the Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki.  I have made research on young people for various points of views, such as girls cultures, young people at school and at leisure time, as well as marginalization and succes of young people.  In addition,  I have researched social, spatial and educational transitions of young people.

My recent interests are dealing with marginalization, etnicity, gender,  social class and culture in Finnish society.