Networks and Activities

National research projects and networks

Youth research society, the aqualitative  follow-up study of age group born 2000, done in several towns and cities in Finland.  Coordinated by Doc. Sinikka Aapola, starting 2015

– Several research projects by Professor Tuula Gordon

– Feasible Futures – Transitions of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Young People by Sanna Aaltonen (Post Doctoral Project by Academy of Finland)

– Learning to be Citizens: Ethnographic and Life Historical Perspectives, (by Professor Elina Lahelma, funded by Academy of Finland)

– The Research Unit of Cultural and Feminist Studies in Education (led by Professor Elina Lahelma)

– Citizenship, Agency and Difference in Vocational Upper Secondary Education – In the Era of Neo-Liberal Restructuring, (grant application, led by Elina Lahelma)

– Behind the scenes of society (BeSS): Young people, Identity and Social Capital (led by Professor Helena Helve, funded by Academy of Finland)

– Trans-group, research collective focusing on youth transitions.

– Finnish Youth Research Network

– Education and Difference (EDI) (interdisciplinary nationwide research network)

– Many Routes to Adulthood – Changing Cultural Age Orders in Finland (led by Docent Sinikka Aapola-Kari, funded by University of Helsinki.)


– Professor Janet Holland in South Bank University London, project Tracing transitions and Families and Social Capital ESRC Research Group

– Professor Rachel Thomson and Doctor Mary Jane Kehily at the Open University, U.K.

– EU-project INTERFACE –Immigrants and national integration strategies

– Nordic Youth Research Symposium (NYRIS)

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