So… what is Avanto?

Greetings from the massive jungle of Southern Sweden!

We are now travelling to Amsterdam and on the way we have had some time to work on our business ideas. This is what we (meaning Johannes, Antti and Mirja) have so far:

Avanto co-op was formed around a group of friends, that felt that something was missing from public debates.They all agreed, that the time of all-encompassing solutions was over. The answers for the big, global and complex questions would rather be found at the grass-roots. This all led to the founding of Avanto Helsinki.

Avanto bridges cutting-edge research to practice. Projects don’t always have to end with a report, if a block party would be more appropriate. Innovative solutions and professional communication are the basis of all activities.

As academic, investigative professionals we are able to dive head first into any societal phenomena. The backbone of our work connects with migration, corporate responsibility and development policy.

-Mirja, Antti and Jone