Coffee and heroes – a few words on the state of cultural institutions


On Monday night, after hours of super intense workshopping we stormed our way to the other edge of the town. Fresh brisk air at the ferry gave us a new boost of energy. We met Jasper Visser, the other co-founder of Insiper by Coffee at Ij Kantine, on the North shore of the Amsterdam. (



Among other inspring things this is what we got:

  • Use the 21st century tools! Heritage institutions and museums in the Netherlands have found new audiences through social media.
  • Cultural experts unite! People working for the same goal need to meet face-to-face. So start networking casually.
  • Your audience is your hero! Engage them by asking questions. Let them tell you a story.

You only need one person to think differently to change the whole organisation. Awake one, awake all. Thanks for the espresso, Jasper!