Welcome the Tsemppi Executive Board 2013!

After a successful year full of fruitful events and collaborations, we are very proud to introduce the Tsemppi Executive Board 2013:

Muntasir Mamun, President
Cansu Aksoy, Vice-President
Nadia Nava, Secretary
Esther Frohnmeyer, Treasurer
Paolo Ribaldini, Board Member Responsible for PhD and Research Affairs & Social Events

We hope that Tsemppi and Tsemppi PhD will continue to grow with the support of our members. Hope to see you all at our meetings and events!

Tsemppi Annual General Meeting ’13

Dear all,
After a series of successful events and collaborations in 2012, Tsemppi is now ready to welcome the new President, board members and volunteers for 2013! 
The Tsemppi Annual General Meeting will be held on January 28th, at 18:00 in Tsemppi Room (New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5B, 4th Floor).
At the Tsemppi Annual General Meeting on January 28th, the Tsemppi Executive Board for 2013 will be formed and the plans for 2013 will be discussed. What is more important is that you will get to meet fellow Tsemppi members and make your own voice heard in a friendly atmosphere.By becoming a Tsemppi board member, you will have the chance to actively support the Internationalization and Integration at the University of Helsinki, meet and collaborate with the internationally-minded people and develop your organizational skills.

Tsemppi promotes the interests of international students and researchers, and raises awareness to their needs and contributions at the University of Helsinki. Tsemppi also acts as a channel for international students and researchers to integrate better into the Finnish society, create long-term social and professional relations in Finland.

You don’t have to be a board member to be a part of our meetings and events. Join us at the Tsemppi AGM. You are all warmly welcome!

Tsemppi PhD: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TsemppiPhD/

For more information, feel free to contact Cansu Aksoy (cansu.su.aksoy@gmail.com / 0465248651).

Tsemppi Against Tuition Fees for Students from Outside the EU/EEA

January 13th, 2013

Tsemppi, the organization for international and internationally-minded students and researchers at the University of Helsinki, is unilaterally opposed to the introduction of tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA. The matter, which currently being proposed by a group of Finnish Members of Parliament, goes against the traditional values of equality in Finnish education and society, and contradicts ongoing internationalization efforts being taken by institutions such as the University of Helsinki.

Cansu Aksoy, chairperson of Tsemppi, says ‘International students come to Finland attracted by the quality of the education system. Moving to a different country is no easy task, and many wish to stay and work here even after completing their degrees.’

A strong and vibrant international student population is not only vital to a healthy academic environment, it is also a requirement for sustaining Finnish universities’ international reputations and rankings. As has been already pointed out by student unions SYL and SAMOK, high tuition fees will result only in fewer international students coming to Finland. Recognizing the excellence of Finnish higher education institutions lies in keeping their doors open to the world, not closing them.

Tsemppi agrees that efforts would be best placed in successfully integrating international students into the Finnish society and the local labour force, rather than turning them away with the expensive tuition. Indeed, international students come to Finland for high quality education but over the course of their studies, they also live their lives in this country. They develop valuable social networks, get to know Finnish culture and many desire to stay in Finland to begin their professional lives. Investing in the education of international students is an ideal way to respond to the deep need for a diverse and strong labour force in Finland.

Tsemppi Board Members

Cansu Aksoy, President of Tsemppi
+358 46 524 8651