Mailing list for Anthropology students!

Toomas Gross, the new head of our discipline (since 10/2022), has opened a mailing list for us!

Partial quote from Gross:

“This is to inform you about a new mailing list for anthropology BA and MA students (anthropology-students[at]

The aim of this new list is to enable the teaching staff to efficiently and promptly reach anthropology students in corpore and to share teaching-related information on eg. curriculum changes, new courses, and course catalogues, but also to advertise discipline’s events, visitors’ talks, project workshops, etc…

… please subscribe to anthropology-students on your own by sending an email to the address <Majordomo[at]> with the following command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe anthropology-students 

ps. When commanding majordomo, do not use topics dispite the mails internal warnings, and write your command on the second row of the email, that way the possible formatting will not stop the code from working!

With hugs and kisses, Väki ry<3