CSTT Board

Martti Nissinen
Professor in Old Testament Studies
Director CSTT
Leader of Team 1
Anneli Aejmelaeus
Professor in Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Culture and Literature
Leader of Team 2
pakkala-j Juha Pakkala
University lecturer in Biblical Studies and Hebrew
Leader of Team 3
Jutta Jokiranta
University lecturer in Old Testament Studies
Leader of Team 4
Izaak de Hulster
Post-doctoral researcher
Vice Leader of Team 1
kauhanen-t Tuukka Kauhanen
Post-doctoral researcher
Vice Leader of Team 2
pajunen-m Mika Pajunen
Post-doctoral researcher
Vice Leader of Team 3
Sanae Ito
Post-doctoral researcher
Post-doctoral Researchers’ Representative
Rick Bonnie
Post-doctoral researcher
Post-doctoral Researchers’ Vice Representative
Miika Tucker
Doctoral Student
Doctoral Students’ Representative
Marika Pulkkinen
Doctoral Student
Doctoral Students’ Vice Representative


The Academy of Finland's Centre of Excellence, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki