Team 3. Literary Criticism in the Light of Documented Evidence

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Team 3 investigates the methodological relationship between literary criticism (Literarkritik) and other methodologies of Biblical and related studies. The starting point will be the changes observed in the Hebrew scriptures by literary criticism, but it engages documented evidence of textual witnesses, thus deepening our understanding of how to investigate texts where documented evidence is not available. It also investigates the interrelationship between changes in the texts and changes in the society, religion and history as witnessed by other methodologies, such as archaeology and Near Eastern studies. The ultimate goal is to ask, how integral and necessary literary criticism is for investigating ancient Israel and Yehud.


Team Leader
Juha Pakkala Juha Pakkala, University Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Hebrew
Project: Handbook of Editing (with Reinhard Müller); Kinneret: Final Publication of Bronze and Iron II remains (with Wolfgang Zwickel)
Expertise: Literary criticism, Redaction criticism, Methodological issues, Ezra-Nehemiah, Deuteronomy, 1-2 Kings, Historical Books of the Hebrew Bible, History of Ancient Israel, History of religion in the ancient Levant, Monotheism, Monolatry, Archaeology of ancient Palestine/Israel
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Vice-Team Leader
pajunen-m Mika Pajunen, Senior Member

Project: Scribes and Songs: Study of a Literary Phenomenom of the Second Temple Period
Expertise: Second Temple Judaism; Dead Sea Scrolls; Manuscripts; Functions of Psalms; Scribal practices; Hebrew poetry; Chronicles; Exorcism; Material reconstruction
Profiles: University of Helsinki   |

Francis Borchardt, Senior Member
Associate Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong

Project: What Ancient Writings Reveal about Attitudes toward Text and Motivations for Textual Adaptation
Expertise: Hellenistic Judaism, Literary Theory, Jewish Identity, Interpretation of Jewish law, History of Hasmonean Judea, History of Herodian Judea, Judaism in Alexandria
Interview: Beyond Isolation in Biblical Studies: An Interview with Francis Borchardt

Ville Mäkipelto, Post-Doctoral Researcher   |   @viljamitz

Project: Rewriting Sacred History: A Text-Historical Study of the So-Called Rewritten Joshua Traditions; The Septuagint of 2 Samuel
Expertise: Textual History of the Old testament/Hebrew Bible; Textual criticism; Septuagint; Literary criticism; Redaction criticism; Book of Joshua
Profiles: University of Helsinki   |

Timo Tekoniemi, Doctoral Student 

Project: Editorial Processes in 2 Kings 17 in the light of Documented Evidence; The Septuagint of 2 Samuel
Expertise: Textual criticism, History of Ancient Israel, Literary criticism
Profile: University of Helsinki   |


Reinhard Müller, Associate Member
Professor of Old Testament, University of Münster

Project: Handbook of Ancient Editorial Techniques (with Juha Pakkala); Commentary on Deuteronomy 16:18-34:12 (ATD); Commentary on the book of Psalms (HAT)
Expertise: Origins and transformations of the cult of Yhwh within the north-west Semitic cultures, Poetology, form-critical and tradition historical approaches to the Psalms, Origins of Ancient Hebrew prophecy of doom, Literary history and theology of Deuteronomy and related literature, Redaction history and editorial phenomena in Ancient Jewish literature, Old Testament Hermeneutics
Profiles: University of Münster

Urmas Nõmmik, Associate Member
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Studies, University of Tartu

Project: Textual criticism and the emergence of the Hebrew and Greek texts of Job
Expertise: Literary criticism, redaction criticism, poetology, Biblical wisdom, Book of Job, motif history, history of religion in Ancient Israel, history of scholarship in Estonia
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Anssi Voitila, Associate Member
Senior Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland

Project: Several Ben Sira studies; Studies on the Greek language and the Septuagint; Studies on the Theology of the Septuagint
Expertise: Septuagint: its language and theology; Book of Ben Sira and the Greek translation; Biblical Greek and Hebrew
Profiles: University of Eastern Finland |

Pasi Hyytiäinen, Associate member

Project: Textual Evolution of the Acts of Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis (D05)
Expertise: Tba
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