Upcoming events


Aug 22-24 The Strange and the Familiar: Identity and Empire in the Ancient Near East (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires and the Finnish Institute in the Middle East)
Sept 12-14 Conference “Living Communities and Their Archaeologies: From the Middle East to the Nordic Countries” (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)
Oct 24-26 Concluding meeting with Scientific Advisory Board




May 9-11 CSTT Annual Meeting
May 8 Workshop “Perspectives on Virtue: From Qumran to Qur’an and Beyond” (in cooperation with the Uusimäki’s VIRTUE project and the Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition)
April 29-30 Workshop: “Imperial Architecture in the Ancient Mediterranean and Middle East” (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)
Jan 9-11 Workshop: “Persian Empire, Social Sciences, and Ancient Historiography” (Program) (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)
March 27 CSTT Lecture Series: Michael Langlois (Strasbourg / HCAS)


Dec 15-18 Women’s Academia: Writing Retreat and Career Development Seminar for the CSTT Women
Nov 28-30 Workshop “Global and Local Cultures in the Roman East: From Domination to Interaction,” Helsinki (funded by Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences)
Oct 22-24 Coptic Bible Workshop, Helsinki
Oct 15 Workshop on Kings, Helsinki
Aug 31 CSTT Summer meeting, Helsinki
July 31-Aug 3 EABS Annual Meeting / SBL International Meeting, Helsinki
May 21-24 Workshop “Texts, Traditions and Transmission: Global and Local Transitions in the Late Second Temple Period,” Tbilisi, Georgia
April 30-May 4 Team 3 Workshop, Abbey of Frauenwörth, Bavaria, Germany
April 16-20 Masterclass in Achaemenid Elamite (by Dr. W. Henkelman, EPHE Paris), Helsinki (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)
March 21-23 Conference “Conceptualizing the Divine in the Levant”, Helsinki
March 8 Wiki edit-a-thon “Women in the Ancient World” (in cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)
Feb 8-11 CSTT Annual Meeting 2018, Lammi, Finland
Jan 12 Workshop “Translation and Theology in the Septuagint,” Helsinki


Sept 8-10 OTSEM Research Network Meeting, Helsinki
Aug 30 CSTT Summer Meeting, Helsinki
Aug 24-25 Summer Symposium on the Construction of Identity in the Ancient Near East, Helsinki
June 5-6 International symposium “Working with Cultural Objects and Manuscripts: Provenance, Legality, and Responsible Stewardship”, Helsinki
June 1-4 International conference “Soisalon-Soininen Symposium on the Septuagint”, Helsinki
May 29-31 Fifth Finnish Colloquium of Middle East and North Africa Studies, Joensuu
May 25-28 Workshop “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Broader Perspective on Textual Change in the Hebrew Bible”, Hong Kong
May 10-13 CSTT Annual Meeting, Tvärminne
April 27 CSTT Lecture Series: David Chalcraft (John Moores University), Moving Through Texts: The Rituals of Reading and the Sociology of Mobility.
Mar 23 CSTT Lecture Series: Jonathan Stökl (King’s College London), Becoming and Being a Priest: Reflections on Exodus 29, Leviticus 8 and other Ancient Near Eastern Initiation Rites
Mar 10 Wikipedia edit-a-thon “women and the Bible”, Helsinki
Feb 9 CSTT Lecture Series: Martti Nissinen (University of Helsinki), Why should Greek Oracle and Near Eastern Prophecy Be Compared?
Feb 1-3 Second International Workshop on Gender, Methodology  and the Ancient Near East, Barcelona
Jan 26 CSTT Lecture Series: Omar N’Shea (University of Malta), Masculinities in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.
Jan 12-14 Samuel-Kings’ Editors Workshop, Helsinki


Dec 15 CSTT Lecture Series: Pablo Torijano Morales (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), The Qumran Texts and the History of the Biblical Texts
Dec 3-4 International workshop “Kings and Power: Exploring Jewish Texts in their Hellenistic Contexts“, Helsinki.
Oct 27-28 Workshop on Mortuary Rituals, Helsinki
Oct 21-25 Conference “Religion and Empire in the First Millennium BCE Levant”, Beirut, Lebanon.
Sept 28-29 Sisälle Septuagintaan -Symposium + Farewell Lecture by Prof. Anneli Aejmelaeus, “Septuaginta ja tekstikritiikki – elämänmittainen oppimisprosessi, Helsinki.
Sept 21-24 International conference “The Synagogue in Ancient Palestine: Current Issues and Emerging Trends”, Helsinki.
In cooperation with the CoE ‘Reason and Religious Recognition’ and the Finnish Institute in the Middle East
> Booklet: Conference program + other info
Sept 15 CSTT Lecture Series: Amar Annus (University of Tartu), “On How to Bridge the Gap between Ancient Creativity and Modern Neurobiology”
May 23-24 International workshop “Patterns of Change in Literary Development“, Helsinki.
May 16 Workshop “Poetry in Ben Sira“, Helsinki.
May 12 CSTT Lecture Series: Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme (University of Copenhagen), “Visiting the Dead: Traces of Mortuary Ritual Practices in Roman Palestine”, University of Helsinki.
April 7-10 CSTT Annual Meeting 2016 “Change?!”, Saariselkä, Lapland.
Mar 10 CSTT Lecture Series: Jason Silverman, “Worshiping the Wise Lord: An Introduction to the Avesta in Its Iranian Context for Biblical Scholars,” University of Helsinki.
Feb 11 CSTT Lecture Series: Drew Longacre, “When Did the Pentateuch Become a Book?“, University of Helsinki.


Sept 25-26 International workshop: “Functions of Psalms and Prayers in the Late Second Temple Period (Part 2)“, Helsinki (Finland)
Sponsored by the Nordic Research Council (NRC)
Sept 17-18 International research colloquium: “Faces from the Past: Ancient Near Eastern Figurines“, Tallinn
Sept 14-15 European Qumran Network meeting, Helsinki
Sept 26-28 CSTT Annual Meeting 2015: “What is Text?”, Tallinn
June 15-16 International workshop: “Ancient Jewish Cosmology: Sacred Time and Order“, Jerusalem
Co-sponsored by the Finnish Institute in the Middle East
May 7-9 International workshop: “Functions of Psalms and Prayers in the Late Second Temple Period (Part 1)“, Copenhagen
Sponsored by the Nordic Research Council (NRC)
April 21 Mini-conference “What is ‘Ethnicity’ and Who Belongs to a ‘Minority’ in the Fertile Crescent“, Helsinki
April 14-15 International workshop “Text, Ritual and Magic“, Helsinki
In cooperation with CoE ‘Reason and Religious Recognition’
Mar 17-19 International workshop “Editorial Techniques in Light of Empirical Evidence“, Münster
In cooperation with the Faculty of Protestant Theology, Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität Münster
Mar 3-4 International research seminar “Trends and Challenges in the Cognitive Science of Religion“, Helsinki


Oct 27-28 International workshop “Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East“, Helsinki
Oct 3-5 CSTT Annual Meeting 2014: “What is Sacred?”, Tallinn


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