Workshop “Poetry in Ben Sira” (May 16, Helsinki)

This workshop is organized by CSTT’s Team 3. The workshop will take place on Monday May 16, 2016 in the Tiedekuntasali/Faculty Room, 5th floor (Vuorikatu 3), Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki.


10:00-11:15 Marko Marttila: Poetological and Colometric Analysis of Ben Sira’s National Prayer in Sir. 36:1-17
                  >  Response: Urmas Nõmmik

11:15-12:30 Jonas Jakobson: The Poetic Use of Similes in Sira
                  >  Response: Marko Marttila


14:00-15:15 Urmas Nõmmik: Poetological Notes on the Ben Sira Masada Scroll
                  >  Response: Anssi Voitila

15:15-16:30 Anssi Voitila: The Eternity of the Oniad High Priesthood and the Conclusion of the Greek Book of Ben Sira.
                  >  Response: Jonas Jakobson

16:30-17:00 discussion